A look at the latest from the world of coffee

From burgeoning local coffee scenes to outlandish new concepts, the coffee industry never seems to stop evolving. And the best thing is that is almost always fueled by the passion of the people who drink it.

So what can we expect from the next 12 months in the world of coffee? We’ve taken a look around the web for some of the best emerging coffee trends for 2016 and beyond.

Bulletproof Coffee

Already making waves this year and looking likely to cross into the mainstream over the coming months is this rather cool sounding brew.

Bulletproof Coffee is basically an espresso with a knob of butter in it. Sounds odd right? But then so did soya milk when that first came along. Coffee aficionados swear by its full flavour, while health freaks claim that the slow energy release qualities give it a genuine advantage over its milky rivals.

Nitro Coffee

Taken from the micro-brewing techniques of the hipster real ale scenes in Ireland and the UK, this scientific approach to coffee drinking is one for the future.

The process involves pumping tiny nitrogen bubbles into cold brew coffee to deliver a rich, delicious and unbelievably creamy beverage. As the nitrogen gas doesn’t dissolve in water, it gives your coffee a unique velvety feel in your mouth that has to be experienced to be fully understood.

The Cortado

Anyone who has spent time in real Spain will have heard the phrase ‘un cortado’ being shouted across bars and cafés in the busy morning and afternoon coffee rushes. It seems that the classic Spanish take on the macchiato has finally found its way here.

A cortado is simply an espresso with a very small dash of warm milk, whereas a macchiato is an espresso with a dash of milky foam. Both make the perfect pick-me-up for anyone on the move.


With the world becoming increasingly populated and resources ever scarcer, more and more of us are taking an interest in where our food and drink really comes from. Just as we have seen an explosion in farmer’s markets and a trend towards ‘real’ food, so we are also witnessing an increased appetite for quality coffee that comes with its own verified backstory.

Telling your customers a story about your coffee journey from bean to cup has become increasingly important to that select band of people who start these trends. Remember; where they go the masses soon follow.

Quality is worth paying for

One thing that keeps heading upwards is consumer willingness to pay for high quality coffee.

A report by a leading restaurant review survey has found that we are on average willing to pay more for ‘speciality coffee’ drinks that at any point in our history. More and more of us eschewing home prepared coffee in favour of a pit-stop at our favourite coffee shop and we are becoming more adventurous with the types of coffee drinks we are ordering.

Great news for coffee shops!