It is no secret that ice is food and that commercial ice machines are notoriously difficult to manage and maintain. When an ice machine appears to be clean, the final product served to consumers may not be and could be putting both the operator and the customer at risk.

Ice contamination can be the result of poor quality water but the most common is cross contamination somewhere along the ice path ! This can be in the transfer container, the drain, the evaporator, the scoop or the storage bin.

All operators fight the slime, bio-film, yeast, mould and algae problems inside ice machines. Some environments are much harder to control than others but they all grow bacteria.

Technology is available allowing operators to focus on their customer satisfaction rather than cleaning their ice machine. EcO3Ice is a water treatment device that kills microbes through technology. An on-board micro-processor and state of the art diamond based electrodes it is efficient and always knows the right amount of ozone to make in order to ensure peak performance.

Administrations globally classify ice as food and most syrup manufacturers / suppliers have standards for the ingredient water but not for ice. In many drinks there is a significant amount of ice ! Post mix drinks are usually made up of 5 parts water, 1 part syrup and half ice and an unknown quantity of bacteria. Water companies treat and regulate water quality at the plant the water quality that arrives at the ice machine can be greatly diminished.

No modifications need to be made to the ice machine because the EcO3Ice unit is placed in the water line between the water filter and the ice machine. Potable water enters the EcO3Ice and the water molecules separate as they transfer through the synthetic diamond electrolytic cell. The molecules then re-attach as ozone in the water. Ozonated water circulates throughout the ice machine killing harmful microbes including hard to reach places like the evaporator, pump, sump, water curtain, hoses, pipes, storage bin and more.

Ozone eliminates pathogens more broadly than chlorine or other chemical sanitizers and it is completely safe. It also inactivates virtually all common micro-organisms including all known sources of food borne illness. A small amount of Ozone is frozen into the outer layer of the ice cube which kills bacteria on the bin surfaces. Residual ozone frozen into the ice cubes may prevent contamination from unsanitary hands and scoops. Ice cubes are virtually immune to external contaminants. EcO3Ice Ozone is around 3,000 times stronger than the same concentration of chlorine – but without the chemical by-products.

It is Tasteless, Odourless and Safe.
Aqueous Ozone = Cleaner water = Cleaner machine = Better Ice.
Installation is quick and easy and carried out after the ice machine has been sanitized by a qualified technician.
EcO3Ice keeps the ice machine visually cleaner, reduces harmful bacteria by 99%, increases the longevity of the ice machine and can, significantly, save costs on ice machine cleanings and servicing.