The layouts and materials that can make your coffee shop look and feel irresistible

So you are planning your new coffee shop, you have your café concept in mind and your branding consultant working on your logo, but what about the thing that really matters: the way people feel when they walk into your coffee shop for the very first time?

Getting this right is not easy, and unless you are very lucky you’ll only have one shot to get it right. So what do you need to consider to make sure that everyone who enters your coffee shop gets that unmistakable but impossible to define sense of well-being?


Getting the layout right is essential, not just for the ambience of your customers but for the stress levels of your staff.

You can immediately tell when you walk into a coffee shop whether they have got this right. How far is the counter from the door? Do you have people queueing next to you while you site at a table? All of these things make a huge difference to the overall atmosphere. Get it wrong and people won’t be coming back.

Also, think carefully about your how your staff will work. How many steps will your baristas need to take to fetch more milk? How easily they can navigate between the till and the coffee machine? All of these considerations are crucial to having a less stressful shift. Just remember that if the team isn’t happy, your customers certainly won’t be.


Most successful coffee entrepreneurs will tell you that a range of seating is crucial to a good coffee establishment.

You want a nice mix of deep seated armchairs and sofas, with more upright stools for those not looking to stop long or who might have a more formal meeting planned. Variety is the key here, so make sure you have something for everyone.


Often overlooked but rarely unnoticed, good lighting is the cornerstone of any well-thought through and enticing space. Lighting plays a crucial part in setting the right mood for your customers.

Natural light is most important, so make sure that you make as much use of your window space and possible. If you are limited here then use carefully considered mirrors to compensate.

Make sure that your furniture and lighting match – never mix the two unless you have serious interior design credentials and know what you are doing. And remember, recessed lighting works well in almost any environment, so look for good quality LEDs.

Décor and Materials

This is a totally subjective issue. What one person thinks is great may vary from another, so this really comes down to personal taste.

However, an important question to ask yourself is whether you are decorating your coffee shop for yourself or your customers. We’ve all experienced that sense of walking into a café and feeling like we’ve just stepped in to the owner’s front room – but more often than not this is a bad thing. Try and get an external consultant to help, but above all visit successful establishments in the local area and get a strong understanding of what people who frequent these places will expect.


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